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DNA Shelves

The objects we own are in a way a part of our identity, the manner in which we choose and set up our furniture is a reflection of who we are. DNA shelves takes the connection between object and individual to a biological level by using a person’s DNA as a design blueprint.

When DNA is cut at specific regions and run through a charged gel it creates a set of dense bands that arrange themselves in a way that is unique to each individual. The arrangement of the bands on the gel is used as a plan for the layout of shelves on a wall. This causes each set of shelves to be unique.

These shelves are by themselves a portrait of the person who owns them, the portrait gains a social and cultural context as the user places personal belongings on the shelves creating a holistic description of who he is.

Digital Images
3D renderings
September 2010

DNA bands
Rendering 1
Rendering 2