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drosophila radiotransmitans

An oscillating charged particle is known to generate electromagnetic radiation. Through the use of biochemical reactions it could be possible to create a protein capable of oscillating a particle at the right frequency to produce radio waves. A fictional character has already produced these proteins which he has named Maxwellins. This character has also implanted the proteins into Drosophila flies creating the species Drosophila radiotransmitans. The character is now dead and all we know of him is through recordings of his memories embedded in flies.

Before the death of the fictional scientist no one knew about Maxwellins or D. radiotransmitans. After his death the flies escaped and were discovered by accident as they flew near the aerial of an unexpecting radio. This event generated a community of amateur fly collectors who designed traps to capture and listen to the flies. The discovery was later on picked up by other fictional scientists who mapped the flies radio range and described the shape of Maxwellins and the mechanism by which they emit EM radiation on the radio region.

Radio, glass, apple and flies
Inkjet print, 3D graphics
March 2011

Featured in:
8th Biennale Design de St-Etienne: Les Androïdes rêvent-ils de cochons électriques?

Video Credits:
Photography: Alberto Hernandez Dolores
Photography assistant: Gabriel Martinez Castillo
Gaffer: Marco Antonio Flores
Staff: Ernesto Arturo Montoya
       Erika Montes de Oca Garcia
       Leonel Chee
Special thanks to Alex Arguelles

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Fig 1. Lobe diagram of 4 varieties of D. radiotransmitans

Fig.2 An electon oscillating on a Maxwellin protein.